Please check the table below before you apply for  excursion


1 until  4 until  500 m  _ boots1.gif   _ a_yes.gif 
2 until  6 until 800 m  _ boots1.gif   _  a_yes.gif
3 until  8 until 1000 m _ boots1.gif   _  a_no.gif
4 up to  8 up to 1000 m  boots1.gif skini.gif  a_no.gif 
5 until  8 until 1000 m snow.gif   boots2.gif  _ a_yes.gif 
6 up to  8 up to  1000 m snow.gif boots2.gif   a_no.gif
7 up to  8 up to  1000 m snow.gif  boots2.gif  skini.gif a_no.gif 


Attention: The + Symbol signifies the degree of difficulty (e.g 2+, 3+, 4+ etc) when there are climbing passages, angle slopes, pipes or bents of snow /ice from 40° and above. Participation in such routes requires very good physical fitness and familiarization with the mountainous terrain. For the wintry ascents knowledge of basic safety rules of a companion with technical means is also required.

Explanations: Participants should take with them the required equipment and take into consideration that there is always a possibility of adverse weather conditions.

The routes from degree 2 and above can be walked out of a designated path. For snowy routes knowledge of the use of piole and crampon is required as well as knowledge of wintry mountain.

The designated time is approximate and depends on the weather conditions, the quality of the snow and the homogeneity of the team.

The leaders of the ascents can exclude from the route individuals for their own safety if they are not equipped with the required personal gear, do not fulfill the conditions of ascent or for any other well-founded reason.