1. The mountain shelters are not Tourists' Kiosks, Hotels or Centres of Amusement. They were built in order to serve mountaineering and Skiing in the expeditions to the White Mountains

2. In the mountain shelters IT IS NOT ALLOWED:

  • to enter with your climbing shoes on (in the lobbies you can find slippers)
  • to bring food or refreshments in the dormitories
  • to gamble
  • to drink alcohol
  • to smoke in the dining rooms and the dormitories. ( smoking is only allowed in the lobbies)
  • to use the cooker ( the appliances can only be used by the leader or any other person who has the permission to do so)
  • to enter the refuge with hunting guns, other arms, game or dogs
  • to use transistor radios, cassette players etc (on the contrary a lot of singing is allowed)

3. The time of sleeping and relaxation is 10pm. The leader has the right to change it, depending on the program of the next day.

4.The generator (where there is one), is turned off at 10 pm.

5. Whoever stays in the mountain refuge, no matter his position, age or sex, has the same obligations to keep the place clean, and implement the regulations of the refuges.

6. The mountain refuges were built with great personal effort. Everything inside them has been transported and made with hard work and a lot of money is spent.

That's why they need your care and your love, to keep them always ready to receive the friends of the mountain.